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Not all massage schools are created equal. In fact, many massage schools teach a variety of disciplines, while some focus on just one or two techniques.

You might be looking to specialize in a particular massage method, or you might want your massage school to just give you a good overall education.

This is why, at, we work hard to make sure you have the information you need. At, we work hard to help you find the right Massage school for you, by giving you access to unbiased reviews that have been made on schools others have already attended.

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January 17, 2008

Green Mountain Institute for Integrative Therapy in Southern Vermont

Green Mountain Institute Instructors of Massage and Bodywork The Directors of the Institute are Judith and Michael Jamieson, a husband and wife team with twenty years experience in bodywork and counseling. In 1993, after repeated requests to train others, they founded the Green Mountain Institute, offering a range of trainings and courses as well as individual sessions. Courses are taught in Vermont (USA), Portugal and at times in other locations in the US and abroad. They attract a wide range of students of all ages, from varying backgrounds and from different countries. Offerings include weekends, short courses, and longer professional courses.

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January 15, 2008

Diamond Light School of Massage and Healing Arts in San Anselmo, Marin County, California

Diamond Light School of Massage and Healing has been training professional Certified Massage Therapists, Healers and Hypnotherapists since 1987. Our professional level courses integrate the physical, emotional, spiritual and creative aspects of bodywork, making Diamond Light an extraordinary place to receive your Massage or Hypnotherapy training. Our graduates consistently express gratitude that they've not only acquired a new skill and a new career, but also a deeper, more fulfilling way of relating to life, people and themselves. A stronger sense of presence, a more open heart and increased sense of spiritual awareness are all by products of our classes.

You are welcome to attend our entire professional training program or simply take a weekend workshop.

Diamond Light School of Massage and Healing Arts School PhotoApproved by The California Bureau for Private Postsecondary and Vocational Education, Diamond Light School of Massage offers six state-approved certification courses:

Massage Therapist Certification (150 hours)
Comprehensive basic massage training. This course fulfills State requirements for Professional Certification.

Advanced Bodywork Therapist Certification (250 hours)
Many places now require increased hours of training for professionals. If you are planning a career in bodywork, this level of Certification is recommended.

Energetic Healing Certification (150 hours)
An in-depth, transformational journey into the subtle, energetic, emotional and spiritual dimensions of healing.

Asian Bodywork Therapies (Acupressure) Certification (100 hours)
An in-depth training in the theory and practice of a variety of Asian Bodywork therapies, leading to State Approved Certification
(Massage experience not necessary)

Professional Bodywork Therapist Certification (500 hours)
Comprehensive advanced professional training in the Healing Arts. Includes all of the above

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January 13, 2008

MountainHeart School of Bodywork in Crested Butte, Colorado

Vision and Commitment
We created MountainHeart School of Bodywork in Crested Butte, Colorado to be a catalyst for global transformation. We believe in a world of health, prosperity, peace, love, and fun! We know this is possible and we know our profession can help to achieve this goal one student, one client, one muscle, one spirit at a time. We are committed to:

*Excellence and the highest quality training in massage therapy and the healing arts
*A dynamic and expansive curriculum and staff program
*Research and continuously upgraded classes
*Inclusion of all methods of healing as valuable
*Honor and respect for each other's diversity and learning styles
*Creativity and flexibility
*Being fully human and bringing heart into work intelligently, joyfully, and lovingly
*Personal responsibility
*Nurturing personal growth and self-love

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January 11, 2008

Capri College: Massage And More In Davenport, Iowa

Here's a little lesson on supply and demand: the more stressful people's lives get, the more demand there is for stress relief!

The Capri College Massage Therapy program teaches you the most effective methods in stress management and pain relief through massage. The foundation of the program also promotes the psychological and physical health benefits of massage therapy.

From Swedish Massage to Eastern Shiatsu, you will learn a wide array of massage techniques that go above and beyond the basic shoulder rub technique. The deep tissue manipulations and touch therapies taught in the program give you a sound education in the healing art of Massage Therapy.

Obviously you will get plenty of hands-on training, but you will also study the theory behind the therapeutic benefits of massage therapy. Your in-depth education will cover the life sciences: human anatomy, physiology, pathology, and kinesiology. The Massage Therapy program at Capri College is a rigorous academic experience with intense hands-on training in a soothing, practical environment.

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January 10, 2008

East-West Healing Arts Institute And Accupressure School in Madison Wisconsin

East-West Healing Arts Institute is built on the premise that body, mind, and spirit form an interconnected, inseparable system, and that true healing can only take place when all three are addressed. That's why our logo is made up of the Chinese characters for these three concepts: body, mind, and spirit. Therapeutic massage and bodywork has been used for thousands of years as a powerful tool for healing, and can have a profound effect on the whole being of both the client and the practitioner.

Through the commitment and extraordinary experience of highly qualified instructors and through techniques that have proven effective healing agents over the centuries, this school is dedicated to training each student to integrate and utilize their entire being in helping others.

In practical terms, by employing structured learning sessions along with clinical experience, the student is able to practice treating patients while learning a professional demeanor and attitude.

The purpose of our institution is to assist students in broadening their knowledge of the diverse massage techniques available and to teach students to complement modern western medical knowledge with traditional eastern techniques.

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