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Utah College of Massage Therapy in Phoenix

Advice about the Utah College of Massage Therapy. First off, this location is in Phoenix. Yah, it is a bit confusing, but it's the UCMT Campus in Phoenix, Arizona.

In as little as 7 months of massage school you could be working in the massage industry making an excellent income and doing something you can be proud of! Massage therapy is one of the fastest growing health care fields in the country.

There are hundreds and hundreds of massage job opportunities just waiting to be filled! Whether you want to work in a spa, medical setting, cruise ship, or your own private practice, there is a place for you and we can help you find it!

The massage therapy courses at UCMT are designed to provide you with the best possible education you can receive from a massage therapy school. UCMT is committed to helping you succeed in your education and throughout your massage therapy career with lifetime career services assistance.

Program Overview
The Professional Massage Therapy Program prepares students to become successful practicing bodyworkers in as little as seven months. The Program exceeds standards set by national certification, and by most state and municipal governments for licensing. The Professional Massage Therapy Program teaches the art and science of massage therapy, while also teaching sound business practices which prepare students for success in the marketplace.

In the Professional Massage Therapy Program, students learn light energy work as well as structural bodywork modalities, Eastern as well as Western theory and technique, and how to treat specific pain and dysfunction as well as a holistic approach to health and healing.

Due to the fact that we are training health care practitioners, we include CPR and First Aid training and certification, and Anatomy & Physiology, and Pathology in our Professional Massage Therapy Program curriculum. The UCMT Family of Schools (FOS) not only prepares students to become proficient bodyworkers but also trains students to become successful in the marketplace, either as a sole practitioner, an independent contractor, or an employee.

As part of the Professional Massage Therapy Program curriculum, a student completes a comprehensive Professional Development course. This course includes techniques of enrollment, starting and operating a massage therapy business, presentation, advertising, resumé writing, job interviewing skills, and the integration of sound business practices with a holistic approach to health care. Students participate in the Clinical Internship, which provides them with on-the-job training in preparation for working professionally.

Tuition & class start dates are included with our catalog.
Click here or call 1-800-617-3302 to request a complimentary catalog.

Master Bodyworker Program
Offered only at the Salt Lake City Campus
(Available only to UCMT FOS graduates)
Time Frame
Full-time only: 10 weeks
(in addtion to the Professional Massage Therapy Program)

66.5 quarter credit hours
1036 clock hours

• Professional Massage Therapy Program
• Advanced Eastern Paradigm
• Kinesiology
• Myokinetic Techniques

Program Overview
The Master Bodyworker Program is an advanced multidisciplinary approach to bodywork preparing students to holistically practice massage therapy in a variety of therapeutic environments within the industry. The Master Bodyworker Program is available only to UCMT FOS graduates.

Modality-specific assessments enhance the student's effectiveness with clinical analysis, intuition and application of advanced techniques in the following: Myokinetic Techniques, Hydrotherapy Spa Treatments, Sports Injury Management, and Rehabilitative protocols. Graduates of the Master Bodyworker Program develop skills which effectively and efficiently serve each client's unique needs.

Why should a UCMT Family of Schools’ graduate take the Master Bodyworker Program?

The Master Bodyworker Program builds on the foundation of the Professional Massage Therapy Program and provides advanced training.

increase your skill set to facilitate health and wellness with your clients
expand on treatment protocols for specific somatic disease and dysfunction in the body
become an expert in the most sought after techniques used in professional practice by UCMT Family of Schools’ employers
graduate with advanced training in multiple disciplines and over 1000 total training hours, making you more marketable to potential employers and eligible for licensure in most states
expand your clientele to service a wider range of clients and their specific needs
Most importantly though, as a graduate of The Master Bodyworker Program, you will become a more proficient and effective bodyworker enabling you to make a greater difference in the area of healing human beings.

Enrollment and Eligibility

Students — New and currently matriculating students may enroll in the Master Bodyworker Program at any time. However, in order to start the Master Bodyworker Program, all students must first complete the Professional Massage Therapy Program. Students who complete both the Professional Massage Therapy Program and Master Bodyworker Program graduate with 66.5 credit hours (1036 clock hours).

Graduates — UCMT Family of Schools’ graduates are eligible to enroll and start the Master Bodyworker Program at the next available start. UCMT Family of Schools’ graduates who complete the Master Bodyworker Program graduate with 66.5 credit hours (1036 clock hours).

Utah College of Massage Therapy
Phoenix Campus
9201 N. 29th Ave, Suite35
Phoenix, AZ 85051
602-331-4120 fax

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