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Capri College: Massage And More In Davenport, Iowa

Here's a little lesson on supply and demand: the more stressful people's lives get, the more demand there is for stress relief!

The Capri College Massage Therapy program teaches you the most effective methods in stress management and pain relief through massage. The foundation of the program also promotes the psychological and physical health benefits of massage therapy.

From Swedish Massage to Eastern Shiatsu, you will learn a wide array of massage techniques that go above and beyond the basic shoulder rub technique. The deep tissue manipulations and touch therapies taught in the program give you a sound education in the healing art of Massage Therapy.

Obviously you will get plenty of hands-on training, but you will also study the theory behind the therapeutic benefits of massage therapy. Your in-depth education will cover the life sciences: human anatomy, physiology, pathology, and kinesiology. The Massage Therapy program at Capri College is a rigorous academic experience with intense hands-on training in a soothing, practical environment.

What makes Capri College, unique? Why should someone choose you?
We are accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges of Technology. ACCSCT is nationally recognized by the U.S. Department of Education thus allowing us to offer loans, grants, and scholarships for those who qualify for Federal Financial Aid Programs.

-We also offer tuition payment plans.
-We have smaller class sizes for better one on one instruction. We also offer private tutoring free of charge if needed.
-We offer a program to cover the cost of the National Certification Exam.
- We provide a thorough National Certification Exam Board Review for every graduate, no matter when they graduated from The Capri College program.
- Capri College's program is both a credit hour and clock hour program making it possible for the credits to be transferred to other colleges if approved by that college.
-Our instructors are permanent staff with up to 15 years experience in their private practice thus sharing their experiences and knowledge with our students.

How many students attend Capri College?
aproximately 25 students

What are your average class sizes?
5-10 students

What modalities do you specialize in?
-Swedish Massage, Reflexology, Sports Massage, Hot Stone Massage and Full Body Detoxification Massage

What is/are the cost(s) of your program(s)?
$6950. This includes tuition, books, massage table, uniforms and other fees. NO HIDDEN COSTS

Scholarships up to $500 are available to those who qualify

Does Capri College offer night classes?

How long does your program take from start to finish?
-The Capri College program is 660 hours
-Students attend classes 4 days per week
-Our day program takes approximately 7 months
-Our evening program takes approximately 10 months

What is your philosophical approach to massage?
The Capri College Massage Therapy program teaches the most effective methods to aid in stress management and pain relief. The foundation of the program promotes physical, mental and social well being of the client through the application of massage therapy.

What experience level do your instructors have? What are your requirements for instructors?
Capri College and the Department of Education requires our instructors to have a minimum of 3 years professional massage experience and be licensed in the State of Iowa.

We have instructors with:
15 years private practice
9 years massage practice, Doctor of Chiropractic
10 years private practice
4 years private practice, Chiropractic Technician

All of our instructors are Nationally Certified.

Do you offer any additional services (Massage clinic, supplies store, etc.) ?
-Massage clinic open to the public with a variety of services available
-Supplies store for graduates as well as licensed therapists in the area

Where are you located, and what is the best way for someone to contact Capri College for more information? Where can people find you online?
-We are located in Davenport, Iowa conveniently off of Interstate 80.
419 E. 59th St.
Davenport, Iowa 52807
-We can be reached by phone at (563)388-6642
email at

Is there anything else that hasn't been covered in this interview that you would like people to know about Capri College?
- Capri College is the longest operating massage therapy school in our area.
- We offer a schedule at Monday-Thursday, giving the student a 3 day weekend, having time to spend with their family, study or work a part-time job.
- Each student is given a 3 week trial period. This gives them time to decide if this is the career choice for them before making the committment.
- We offer assistance with job placement and licensing procedures.
- CPR and First Aid are included in our program, not required before enrolling.
- Capri College also offers Esthetics and Cosmetology courses. Combining courses will give the graduate the competetive edge in the ever growing spa setting.

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