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Arizona Cortiva Institute Locations

As an FYI, the Cortiva Institute has several school locations throughout the country. In Arizona, the Cortiva Institute operates under the name of Phoenix Therapeutic Massage College.

Welcome to the Cortiva Institute’s Phoenix Therapeutic Massage College! We are committed to helping you succeed with your education and throughout your massage therapy career. We assemble and teach students who want to be part of a team of highly skilled, passionate, and successful massage therapy professionals. Our program's solid foundation in massage technique, theory, the ability to specialize, as well as tutelage in practical business basics gives Phoenix Therapeutic Massage College graduates a distinct advantage as they enter the world of massage therapy.

Phoenix Therapeutic Massage College
Scottsdale Campus
8010 E. McDowell Rd.
Scottsdale, AZ 85207

Phoenix Campus
10057 N. Metro Parkway East
Phoenix, AZ 85015

Flagstaff Campus
1000 N. Humphreys St. Ste. 204
Flagstaff, AZ 86001

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