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Rain Star University in Arizona

Rain Star University in Arizona is broken up into three colleges and a clinic.

College of Oriental Medicine
Acupuncture and Oriental medicine is on the way to becoming the fastest growing healthcare profession in the 21st century. The College offers a unique program that integrates Oriental medicine with Western science, while promoting the integration of TCM into mainstream biomedicine. Our curriculum meets the highest standards, and our student clinic provides the community with affordable healthcare services while developing student skills. We are committed to excellence in teaching, patient care, and community service, based on the finest skills, latest technologies, and the highest ethical healthcare standards.

College of Therapeutic Massage
Massage has proven to be one of the fastest growing health care professions. Our therapeutic massage programs unite art, intuition, and science, while instilling sound business skills, to prepare graduates for a successful and rewarding career. Our curriculum meets the highest standards and our student clinic integrates classroom learning with hands-on life skills training. Employers seek our graduates for their skill, professionalism, and clinic experience. There is a high demand for RainStar graduates. We are not only committed to each student's success, but to the success of our graduates.

Job Opportunities
The Program is designed to prepare students for an endless variety of career opportunities. According to the AMTA, American Massage Therapy Association, massage therapists practice in a variety of settings, such as private offices or massage therapy clinics, chiropractors’ or doctors’ offices, holistic health clinics, health clubs and fitness centers, spas, nursing homes and hospitals, with sports teams, and sports medicine facilities. The variables one finds regarding specialization in the field of therapeutic massage include types of application, clientele, and technique.

Massage therapy has a broad number of applications. Its range includes relaxation, stress reduction, health promotion, pain management, injury recovery, and working with specific maladies. Practitioners may choose to focus on one of these areas. Another specialization factor is clientele. Some examples are athletes, the elderly, office workers, and performers (e.g., dancers). Another area of specialization is technique. Some practitioners focus on a particular technique and base their practice on that technique. However, the majority of massage therapists tend to use several techniques in their work and may place the emphasis of their practice on something other than technique. Massage therapists may work as self-employed practitioners in private or group offices, or as salaried or commissioned employees, or independent contractors. Earnings vary widely, depending on variables such as the area of the country, type of practice, skills, and experience.

Program Description
This program presents a complete and comprehensive study of Western and Eastern Therapeutic Massage in addition to many complimentary modalities and therapies. The major areas of studies also include science, health awareness, business and clinical internship. The program is designed to give students an excellent understanding of human anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, and pathology. This thorough understanding of the human body will enable the massage therapist to effect positive change in their clients. In addition, students will gain knowledge in appropriate body mechanics, nutrition, and movement therapies such as yoga, qi gong, pilates and tae-bo. This will ensure not only longevity of the therapist in the practice but will also provide the therapist with excellent treatment tools for client homecare. Business knowledge is critical to the success of any therapist. Knowledge in areas such as entrepreneur skills, marketing, advertising, and networking are vital. Therapists will be given useful practical business information by successful therapists in practice.

Scope of Practice
The scope of practice for licensed massage therapists varies from city to city, state to state and in Canada from province to province. In the State of Arizona massage therapy is defined as the manual application of compression, stretch, vibration or mobilization of the organs and tissues beneath the dermis including the components of the musculoskeletal system, peripheral vessels of the circulatory system and fascia, when applied primarily to the parts of the body other than the hands, feet and head. To practice massage therapy in Arizona requires a State license. Legislation is changing rapidly for this quickly growing industry, for the most updated information on licensure in Arizona contact the State of Arizona Board of Massage Therapy at 1400 West Washington, Suite# 230 Phoenix, Arizona 85007 (602) 542-8604 or visit their website at Flexible Schedules
RainStar University customizes each and every student schedule to ensure that it meets the needs of the student. Our flexible schedules are designed to fit into a variety of lifestyles. That’s why RainStar University offers classes in the mornings, afternoons and evenings. No matter which schedule or program you choose, your coursework covers a well-rounded variety of classes in massage techniques, clinic, science, business and health to prepare you for a fulfilling career in massage therapy. RainStar University, College of Therapeutic Massage, offers admissions nine times per year and is run on a structured 15-week trimester schedule with three trimesters offered per year. Each trimester is composed of three five-week modules. Please note that RainStar reserves the right to cancel and change courses as required. Winner of 5 Best Practices Award
We are especially proud that the College of Therapeutic Massage has been awarded 4 Best Practices Awards including two-time winner of the Best Instruction Methods Awards from the Arizona Private School Association. In addition to award winning instruction, the College of Therapeutic Massage has been awarded and acknowledged for Best Completion and Retention and Best Media Relations. Graduation Requirements
The candidate for the A.A.S. in Therapeutic Massage degree must have fulfilled the following requirements:
Satisfactory completion of all courses in the prescribed curriculum.
Satisfactory completion of clinical requirements.
All required clinical competencies achieved.
Proof of current CPR and First Aid Certification.
Minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.0.
All financial obligations to the University satisfied.
All academic and / or disciplinary sanctions discharged.
Satisfactory completion of a minimum of 50% of the program at RainStar University.
All school property returned.
Recommendation from the Dean of Education.
Completion of Exit Survey.

National Certification (NCBTMB)
RainStar University reserves the right to require its students to successfully complete the National Certification Exam (or its equivalent) as a final graduation requirement in all Therapeutic Massage Programs. An additional examination fee may be required.

Clinical Education Experience
Clinical Internship at the RainStar Therapy Center and Clinic is an integral part of the students’ education and training process. Along with providing experiences to establish confidence as a practitioner and to foster understanding of the role of therapeutic massage in the healthcare system, students are:
Provided with experienced instruction to facilitate skill development.
Provided through effective communication and encouragement.
Provided with opportunities to observe exemplary role models, both licensed therapists and clinic staff.
Clinical Training Entry Requirements
Entrance to the Clinical Training in the College of Therapeutic Massage requires:
Full admission status.
Satisfactory completion of all basic coursework to include BUS125: Successful Therapy Center Skills.
Documentation of current CPR and First Aid Certification and OSHA Training.
Recommendation from the Dean.

College of life long learning
RainStar offers NCBTMB continuing education courses to healthcare professionals, as well as introductory and personal development courses to the general public. Massage and Asian bodywork therapists, acupuncturists, chiropractors, physical therapists, and nurses may enroll in any course for continuing education credit. Several courses are designed with no prerequisite training and are open to the public. Whether furthering a career, satisfying a personal interest, or taking an introductory course to make a career decision, RainStar can meet your needs.

Therapy Center and Clinic
Our Therapy Center is our project based curriculum for life which engages students in addressing real life problems. It is here that learning extends the traditional walls of the classroom, that assessment of student success goes beyond the paper and pen. The Therapy Center provides a safe environment of joy, passion and education with faculty support where students can explore, grow and learn. A place where all students are valued, respected and given the resources to succeed. It is here where teachers help students turn information into knowledge and knowledge into wisdom from experience.

Rain Star University
4110-4130 N. Goldwater Blvd., Ste 110
Scottsdale, AZ 85251

Spa and Wellness Center
8390 E Via de Ventura, Suite F204
Scottsdale, Arizona 85258

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