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Chicago School of Massage Therapy

Our Massage Therapy Diploma Program is a holistic and hands-on approach to massage. You'll be challenged and inspired to create your own unique career path, whether that means working in a hospital, clinic, spa, health club or your own private practice. Training covers three main areas of study:

Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology
Coursework in Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology provides a solid foundation in understanding the structure, function and health of the human body. You'll learn proper medical terminology that is actively reinforced in classroom experiences.

Massage Therapy and Practice
Master fundamental techniques in a classroom setting and practice them in a supervised and supportive environment. We also provide training in body mechanics and self-care so that you can enjoy a long and healthy career. In addition to your Theory and Practice courses, hands-on training in the Student Clinic and in our Community Outreach program will further prepare you to interact with clients.

Professional Development
This coursework rounds out your educational experience with the business basics necessary to succeed as a professional. With the help of your Instructors, you'll define your goals and target markets for a successful practice. Of course, it goes beyond just lectures and discussions. With exercises in goal setting, writing a resume, creating a business plan, marketing, advertising, and self-management you'll walk away with the basic tools to establish your own practice or apply for jobs upon graduation.

Time Frame: 12 months or 15 months
In order to accommodate our students' various schedules we offer both 12 month and 15 month diploma programs. You can also choose from day and evening classes.

Hours: 710 hours
The program requires that you complete a certain number of classroom and clinical experience hours.

Typical Classes:

Contemporary Western Massage
Anatomy and Physiology
Professional Foundations
Professional Practices
Student Clinic
Therapeutic Movement, Stretching & Exercise
Thermal Therapies and Sports Massage
Kinesiology and Musculo-Skeletal Pathology
Career Development
Complementary Therapies

Cortiva Institute - Chicago School of Massage Therapy
17 N. State Street Suite 500
Chicago, IL 60602

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