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Rasmussen College for Massage Therapy

Graduates of the Allied Health field have a multitude of opportunities awaiting them. As the demand for health services increases, so does the need for qualified, trained professionals.

Allied Health graduates understand their aspect of the health care system and communicate with the health care team. Students may study a variety of disciplines within the field, including health information technician, massage therapist, medical transcription and pharmaceutical technician. You will learn the skills necessary in your chosen expertise area and you'll have the have the hands-on experience essential for practical application.

Allied Health is the perfect career choice for anyone who wants to work in a hospital, clinic, or doctor's office setting while completing detailed, important work ... whether it is practical or administrative in nature

Allied Health Programs
Health Information Technician AAS Degree
Massage Therapy AAS Degree**
Massage Therapy Certificate**
Medical Assistant AAS Degree
Medical Coding Specialist Certificate
Medical Transcriptionist AAS Degree
Medical Transcriptionist Diploma
Pharmacy Technician AAS Degree
Surgical Technologist AAS Degree*
*This program is only offered at the St. Cloud campus.
**This program is currently offered at Rasmussen College's Brooklyn Park, Eden Prairie, Mankato, St. Cloud, MN campuses and at the Rockford, IL campus only.
Degree offered completely online.


Career Opportunities for Allied Health Graduates
Health Records Manager
Medical Coder
Retail or Clinic Pharmacist Technician
Hospital or Physician's Nurse
Massage Therapist
Medical Office Assistant
Medical Receptionist or Station Secretary


What It Takes To Be a Successful Allied Health Graduate
Good social and personal skills
Ability to listen and communicate
Ability to interact with patients
Ability to maintain confidential information at all times
Interest in medicine, disease processes, and treatments

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