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Academy of Massage Therapy New Jersey

Imagine a career where you can use your skills, knowledge, compassion and creativity to create health and wellness for others! Massage therapy is that career.

Since 1990, Academy of Massage Therapy, a massage school in Hackensack, NJ, has been helping serious students of massage therapy from all over the NJ and NY area, realize their dreams of becoming successful massage therapists.

Students appreciate our supportive atmosphere, which helps the students gain the knowledge, skills, creativity and experience they need to succeed.

Local and national employers call our Placement Office looking for our graduates because they know our reputation in massage training in the New York and New Jersey region. We assist with out of state licensing to make it easy to work in many states like New York, Hawaii, New Mexico, Connecticut, Maryland and Florida.

Financing your education is easier than ever, since AMT is one of the few schools in the New Jersey and New York area approved by the US Department of Education to offer Title IV Financial Aid to those who qualify. No Interest Payment Plans and Sallie Mae Loans are also available.

We hope you will join us soon and begin you exciting journey to your new career today!


AMT was the first massage school in New Jersey to be accredited by an agency recognized by the US Department of Education. We are now accredited by the Commission on Massage Therapy Accreditation (COMTA), which is recognized by the US Department of Education. COMTA conducts a rigorous review in which the following areas are examined;

· Curriculum content

· Instructor credentials, training and performance

· Student services (advising, financial aid, placement, etc)

· Financial stability of the school

· Graduation and placement rates

· Overall management

Our graduates qualify to sit for the National Certification Exam. Many of our graduates also use their education to apply for licenses in New York, Hawaii, New Mexico, Connecticut, Maryland and Florida, since our standards meet or exceed most states’ standards.



AMT has been training massage therapists successfully since 1990. Our teacher / student ratio for hands-on classes is 12:1, which gives students the attention they need to develop their skills.

Educational backgrounds and learning skills differ from person to person, so we’ve developed a curriculum that accommodates kinesthetic, auditory and visual learners. Our supportive staff and faculty help and encourage all who present a sincere desire to learn and achieve.

AMT is owned and operated by massage therapists, and provides a pleasant, small school environment where students feel at home.


We work with you to develop a payment plan that is affordable. In addition to offering No Interest Payment plans, we’re one of the few massage schools in the country able to offer Title IV Financial Aid to those who qualify. Students may use any combination of the following that they qualify for;

· Federal Pell Grant

· Federal Stafford Loans

· JTPA/Workforce

· Vocational Rehabilitation

· Sallie Mae Career Training Loans

· Veteran’s Benefits

· No Interest Payment Plans

· Scholarships

Our Financial Aid Office can provide you with an estimate of how much Title IV Financial Aid you may receive, based on your personal financial information.


Our placement rates are exceptional, and as the industry grows, more and more employers call our Placement Office in search of our well-trained graduates. Many of our graduates are also self-employed, which offers maximum career freedom. Our graduates have satisfying careers working in

· Hospitals and doctor’s offices

· Chiropractic, acupuncture and physical therapy offices

· Spas, salons, resorts and cruise ships

· Gyms and wellness centers

· Corporate offices, shopping malls and airports doing chair massage.

Career opportunities in the field are increasing as more people are discovering the benefits. The latest research shows that massage therapy is the most widely used complimentary health care in the US. The need for well trained therapists has never been greater!

Academy of Massage Therapy
321 Main Street, 2nd Floor,
Hackensack, NJ 07601

1-888-AMT-7898 Phone
1-201-568-3220 Phone

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